Submitting a vacancy manually

Occasionally you might find that a property you are trying to submit does not appear as an option on the ‘Rightmove Properties’ page nor as an option when you search the postcode. In these instances you can enter the address manually. To do so you will need to search for […]

Admin area

To access the payments page, you’ll need to click on ‘Admin’ in the top right hand corner and enter your management PIN (If you do not know your management PIN, please get in touch with your account manager) You’ll see three boxes at the top of the screen: Notify balance […]

Referral commission structure

Another way of making money through Notify is by utilising our referral scheme which is located in the admin area of Notify. For every successful referral, you will earn a percentage of what the successfully referred agency earns (This isn’t deducted from their commission, it is just additional commission for […]

Prepayment meters and Smart meters

If you have a property with a prepayment meter, please let us know as soon as possible. Automatically, our preferred supplier will send new electricity keys and gas cards but if there is an existing debt and the needs meters resetting, please make a note of all the meter readings […]

Registering council tax through Notify

Once you have registered the new tenancies details, the next page will ask you to confirm which council the property resides in. The council will automatically be selected however if the council is incorrect you can change it by clicking ‘Not correct?’ and entering the details of the correct council. […]

Void Cover notifications

Void Cover Notifications By choosing void cover when submitting a vacancy, the gas and electricity supplies will be switched to our partner supplier, SSE. We require a minimum of 14 days notice of the outgoing tenants vacating the property in order for the energy transfer to be completed in time. […]

Void periods and switch over of supply

Notify are partnered with SSE to offer our users a solution to the pesky energy bills that build up at properties in between tenancies, this is the void cover option you are able to select when adding a vacancy to Notify. Using void cover maximises your benefits from using Notify. […]

How to add a property to Notify

There are two ways of adding a property to your Notify system. If you use Rightmove to advertise your properties, you can choose to link up your Notify account with your Rightmove feed. (If you don’t have this feature but would like to learn more, please contact your account manager) […]