Checking Properties You Have Uploaded to Notify

It’s important to keep a track of all the information which has been submitted through Notify to ensure no properties have been duplicated or missed altogether. Luckily this is a simple process. To check which properties are currently on Notify as vacancies you first need to click the ‘Notifications’ tab […]

Registering new tenant details

Once you have arranged a new tenancy and the tenants have agreed to opt into our service, you will need to submit the new tenants information through Notify, the sooner the better as it maximises your benefits from using the system.  To see your properties which are registered as vacant, […]

Editing a notification

If a property has been registered as either vacant or occupied with incorrect information you will need to contact one of the Notify team and explain which details need to be altered. You can do this by either using our live chat service (the orange bubble on the app), emailing […]