Benefits For Your Tenants And Your Landlords!

You may be wondering what the benefits are for both the tenants and landlords when using our Notify service. Below is a summary of how our service benefits both and the value it adds to the service you provide them.

For the tenants:

  • All of the utilities are set up for the tenants when they first move into the property. Meaning they won’t have to worry about contacting energy suppliers, water suppliers or the council when they first move in.
  • The tenant is always informed of who their suppliers are as one of our tenant team will contact them within a week leading up to the tenancy start date.
  • We can simplify the tenants utilities further by bundling them into one easy to manage payment which can also save them money. Our tenant team will offer the incoming tenant a quote for a utilities package when they contact them to inform the tenant of who their current suppliers are.

For the landlords:

  • Bills during the void periods are taken care of saving them time and money,
  • We will register the change of tenancy details with the council, energy and water suppliers saving the landlord time and effort.

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