Checking Properties You Have Uploaded to Notify

It’s important to keep a track of all the information which has been submitted through Notify to ensure no properties have been duplicated or missed altogether. Luckily this is a simple process.

To check which properties are currently on Notify as vacancies you first need to click the ‘Notifications’ tab at the top of the page. This page will automatically list all of the properties in which you are aware that the current tenant will be moving out on a specific date but have not yet got a new tenancy arranged. Each property in this list will show the ‘Available from’ date, the date in which the current tenants move out.

To the right of the top property in this list will be a drop bar currently set as ‘Vacant’. By clicking this you can set the drop bar to ‘Occupied’, which will cause the page to display only the properties on Notify in which you have submitted details of a new tenancy. Each of these properties will display the ‘Available from’ date, the ‘Let from’ date and the new tenants name.

You can check these lists to ensure you are up to date with submitting information to Notify and to double check that all the information has been submitted correctly. 

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