Submitting a vacancy manually

Occasionally you might find that a property you are trying to submit does not appear as an option on the ‘Rightmove Properties’ page nor as an option when you search the postcode. In these instances you can enter the address manually.

To do so you will need to search for the postcode of the property you are trying to add in the ‘Add a vacancy +’ tab. Both above and below the search results will be a button titled ‘Enter address manually’, click this.

This will take you to a page which asks you to manually input five lines of address, please do so as accurately as possible. To be able to proceed the postcode, address line one, city and county will need to be filled in.

Once they have been answered, the ‘Next’ button will become available. From then on, the process of registering the property is exactly the same as the other methods.

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