Prepayment meters and Smart meters

If you have a property with a prepayment meter, please let us know as soon as possible. Automatically, our preferred supplier will send new electricity keys and gas cards but if there is an existing debt and the needs meters resetting, please make a note of all the meter readings (there will numerous readings each with a corresponding letter) and send these through to your account manager.

For electricity, we can obtain a tag number which will allow you to pick up a new electricity key from a PayPoint store. The tag number we give you is live after an hour and can be attached to any electricity key. This will also reset any debt which is present on the meter.

For gas pre-payment meters, the process works slightly differently. You won’t be able to pick up a new gas card from a shop. The gas card will be delivered through the post or via courier (dependent on new tenants move in date) and will have enough credit on the card to reset the meters.

Smart meters are becoming more common and by 2024, every property must have a smart meter installed. Smart meters will stop estimated bills and will always provide accurate meter readings to the incumbent energy provider.

If a smart meter is initially in prepayment mode and then switches from one supplier to another, the suppliers will change the status of the meter from prepayment to credit mode. The tenants will not need to use the handsets provided to top up the meters. If you are unsure whether this has happened to a specific meter please contact your account manager.

If the meter stays in prepayment mode, our partner energy supplier will be able to communicate with the meter and clear debts remotely.

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