Registering new tenant details

Once you have arranged a new tenancy and the tenants have agreed to opt into our service, you will need to submit the new tenants information through Notify, the sooner the better as it maximises your benefits from using the system. 

  1. To see your properties which are registered as vacant, click the ‘Notifications’ tab at the top of the screen. (This will bring you to the same screen you see when you first log into Notify)
  2. Find the property you want to register the tenant for and press the blue thumbs up button with the caption ‘Let?’ underneath it.
  3. The first step asks for the full name, email address and phone number of the lead tenant. Once completed, press the orange button titled ‘Next’.
  4. The second page is the tenancy information screen, it will ask for the tenancy start date and the tenancy end date. If needs be, the start date can be altered by your account manager in the future, however it does not matter what is submitted for the tenancy end date. We understand that often tenancies have a rolling option therefore we do not pass on the end date to the council or water/energy providers.
  5. The notes section is for information that might aid our colleagues who contact the incoming tenant. For example, if the new tenant works a night shift and does not want to be contacted during the day. The notes box can be left blank.
  6. The next page will automatically locate the properties local council and a tick box will ask whether you would like us to submit the new tenants information to the council. If you leave this box ticked and click ‘Next’, you may be taken to a page which asks for additional information for the council. The reason being is that each council asks for different information regarding council tax, some won’t require any additional information and in some cases their may be two pages of additional questions, please ensure you complete both pages or the system will not let you continue.
  7. Once you have clicked ‘Next’ you will be taken to the summary page, this allows you to check over all the details you are submitting, you can edit them at this

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