How to add a property to Notify

There are two ways of adding a property to your Notify system.

If you use Rightmove to advertise your properties, you can choose to link up your Notify account with your Rightmove feed. (If you don’t have this feature but would like to learn more, please contact your account manager)

If you have the feature enabled, you will have a button on the top of your Notify dashboard labelled ‘Rightmove Properties’. If you click this button, you will be presented with properties you have added to Rightmove.

Click on the property you want to add to Notify and follow the steps.

If you don’t advertise your properties on Rightmove or you have yet to add it to Rightmove, don’t worry as there is another way of submitting the property.

If you click ‘Add a vacancy +’ it will ask you for the postcode of the property. Enter the postcode and press ‘Enter’. You will now be presented with a list of properties registered under that postcode. Click on the property you want to submit and choose between the ‘Inform Only’ and ‘Void cover’ services.

If the address of the property does not appear as an option in the postcode search, you are able to submit the property manually.

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