The Tenant Team

Once a new tenancy has been registered through Notify, the details are processed and the current energy supplier(s), water supplier(s) and local council are informed.

The tenants details are then passed through to our tenant team. One of our tenant team will contact the incoming tenant around their move in date to inform them of who their current suppliers are and ask whether they have made any arrangements for their utilities yet. If the answer is no we inform them of the options available to them, the options being:

  1. Create an account with the incumbent provider.
  2. Move to any supplier they wish, as they are not tied into any contracts with the incumbent supplier, and set everything up themselves.
  3. We can provide a quote for a One Utility Bill package which includes energy and can also include water, tv licensing, broadband and tv packages. If the tenant is happy to go ahead, we will manage all of their utilities from then on. If they choose not to receive a quote or not to go ahead with a package the team will not contact them again.

It’s also worth noting that our tenant team will first attempt to call the incoming tenant, after three attempts with no answer or response an email will be sent and the team will not attempt to contact the tenant again.

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