Void periods and switch over of supply

Notify are partnered with SSE to offer our users a solution to the pesky energy bills that build up at properties in between tenancies, this is the void cover option you are able to select when adding a vacancy to Notify. Using void cover maximises your benefits from using Notify.

The void cover option involves SSE obtaining the supply of a property on the first day of the void period. They have agreed to cover any energy bills incurred during the void period up to the value of £10. To choose this option you will need the permission of the landlord as it involves a switch of supply at their property. Additionally, as a letting agency using Notify you will earn double the commission using this option, so it is in your interests to do so when possible.

However not all tenancy changes will be applicable for this service. It is important to remember that it will take SSE up to two weeks to obtain the energy supply of a property, therefore we ask that you only use this service when you have at least two weeks notice before the current tenants vacate the property. Please see the guide to which Notify option you should use below:

  • More than two weeks before the current tenants move out – Choose void cover (with the landlords permission)
  • Less than two weeks before the current tenants move out – Choose inform only

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